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2023-2024 ONLY a FEW Open Positions

11 Premier - 2 positions, must have experience.

11 Select - 1 position.

12 Premier- 1 Competitive, Experienced Athletes.  This team finished last season in the Top 3 of the Lone Star Region and has an awesome core of athletes.  

12 Select- 2 positions available for Intermediate Athletes.

13s  ALL teams are FULL

14s ALL teams are FULL

15s ALL teams are FULL

16s ALL teams are FULL

17/18s Looking for Two Dynamic Hitters & One Experienced Setter.

Text Cathy Puente at 210-789-7653 to schedule a Try Out or for information regarding Open Positions.   Please include your Name, your Athletes Name, Birthdate and position if applicable, as well as what information I can provide or how I can help.

Must Register Online, once Date & Time are confirmed.


Make sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on our SAEVB teams. 

Facebook: SA Elite Volleyball

Instagram: saelitevolleyball

SAEVB Current CLINIC Schedule

No Clinics on Sunday, October 8th it is our Club Uniform Sizing.  Our Meet & Greet and Parent Meeting in on October 15th, so no Advanced 6-8 Clinics.  

October & November Clinics:  The October clinics are posted and open for registration.  IF a particular session is not listed or open it is not available.  As the club season approaches, we are limited on open clinics.

SUNDAYS:  ALL  SKILLS Clinics  Something for Everyone

2:00-4:00 Elite Petites ( lil ones, just getting started)                        2:00 - 4:00 Beginners (Fundamentals for all age groups, serving, passing, hitting and game play)

4:00 - 6:00 MS -  Intermediate Athletes with experience.  Come Sharpen up on All Skills and Game Play.

6:00 - 8:00 HS - Advanced (14+) Your most Experienced Athletes with minimum of 2-3 years of Club Experience or HS Ball.  Setting, Hitting, Passing & Serving

Bring:  a reusable water bottle with a name, label or ribbon on it to identify it.

Attire:  wear athletic clothing and tennis shoes.  Knee pads are great but not mandatory.

Location:  SAEVB Gym 16320 Huebner Rd, SA TX 78254                      * Enter by the white SAEVB sign (If you entered at a street light and see the church entrance, exit, turn left and then enter by our sign.              

ALL Registrations MUST be done ONLINE at  Two Hours for $25

By requiring online registration, we can close sessions when they are full to prevent 25 athletes on one court, who do not receive good instruction.  It's a quality issue but most importantly a safety concern.

PLEASE register before leaving your house for the gym, we've had several sessions Full and Closed and then have parents upset and athletes disappointed when we are not able to allow them to stay.  IF you attempt to register and it states SOLD OUT or FULL.  That session is at maximum capacity.  AS a courtesy to our staff, we ask that ALL members consider registering at least an hour before the clinic starts.  We understand that sometimes you have to wait, until a little closer to start time, it does slow down the check in process as the staff has to verify your registration.  Please be prepared to show the check in staff your receipt.  

Refunds or Rescheduling - May be requested by texting Krystal at 210-577-8372 at least 24 hours in advance.  NO Refunds or Credits given within 24 hours.  Please plan and register accordingly.

Please TEXT your name, your registered athletes name, date of birth and the date registered.  State if you'd like a refund or to reschedule.  If you'd like to reschedule, please include the date and time of the session that you'd like your credit applied to.  If you prefer a refund, it may take 5-7 days for your card to show the credit.  Krystal will confirm that the refund was requested, so you can keep an eye out for it.

FALL Training Program has started

Thank you for participating.  This program is FULL.

Our Fall League Training is a Progressive Training Program, unlike normal clinics, where athletes work on the same skills each session or a Rec league, where most coaches are volunteer parents and the goal is to just get the ball over the net.  Coach Fee our Club Coordinator will be leading the Fall Program.  Great for Beginners & Intermediate athletes.  11-14 are the best candidates, 9 & 10 year olds that have been exposed to rec vb or clinics may benefit as well.

Our Fall Training Program is progressive, which means each session the athletes will build upon what they learned during the previous session and move onto the next step in development or skill.  They will learn and practice all of the fundamental skills needed to prepare for club or school ball at the next level.

They will practice for two hours on either Mon or Tue from 6-8.  They will play games between 6-8 on either Wed or Thur, learning rotations, transitions, line ups and the rules.  

On your registration form you can select a preferred practice day.

Location:  SAEVB GYM 16320 Huebner Rd, SA TX 78248

Enter the parking lot where the white SAEVB sign is.  If you enter at the stop light (Church side with the sand vb court), exit, turn left at the light, do the turn around and enter at the next opening.  The gym is at the end of the parking area, not the new metal building which is under construction.

Cost:  $250 for all of the sessions, it's a great program versus individual clinics.

Must register online.  Athletes will be in small groups of 7-9 athletes.  

** Once you've registered and paid, you will receive an email confirmation.  Plan to attend the days that you requested, unless notified otherwise.  The coaches will be there early setting up and preparing for the training, but the doors do not open until 5:45. 

Athletes need to wear athletic, stretchy clothing and tennis shoes.  If they have knee pads that's great but not required.  Bring a labeled water bottle (not disposable, we don't need 10 Dasani bottles sitting together).  Do not bring a ball.  

When the athletes enter, they will sign in on the attendance log (with their first & last name initials, please do not do this for them).  This teaches responsibility and requires them to follow instructions and encourages independence and confidence.  They will then place their bags on the ramp and change shoes if necessary.  Put their labeled water bottles on the stairs. Go to the restroom if needed.  Then go on a court, say hi, introduce themselves and make a new friend and pepper until the session begins, promptly at 6:00.  Parents are asked to stay the first 15 minutes for a brief info session.  Please plan to arrive back at the gym no later than 7:45 and come inside to pick up your athletes.  It's dark outside, on a gravel parking lot and many cars coming and going, we don't want anyone walking out alone.

Text Questions to Cathy at 210-789-7653, please specify your question to expedite a response.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Follow us on Social Media for Updates

Make sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on our SAEVB teams. 

Facebook: SA Elite Volleyball

Instagram: saelitevolleyball

We are hiring Experienced, Quality, Competitive Caring COACHES

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How to Add Multiple Parents

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Club Director: Cathy Puente 210-789-7653

Text or Call Cathy Puente for questions, regarding:

Open Positions

Fall Training Program / League


Practice Schedule

New Coaching Positions

Spirit Gear & Uniforms

Team Representatives & Volunteers

(Rep, Social Media, Work Coordinator, Photographer, Hudl Rep, Snack Coordinator)

Club Director: Krystal 210-577-8372

Text or Call Krystal Puente for questions regarding:

Sports Engine questions, (adding guardians link on the home page)

Athlete Accounts and Payments

Tournament Schedule 

Team Tournament Hotels & Stay in Play requirements.


Our Mission

San Antonio Elite Volleyball is a competitive program dedicated to advancing the personal and athletic development of youth through the pursuit of excellence in volleyball, fostering a sense of community throughout the club and promoting leadership in all club members. Our staff will strive to help each and every player regardless of age or ability to achieve maximum performance.  We want to provide the path to a level of excellence that allows each and every athlete to test their limitations. Only by constantly testing our limits can we truly find our potential. This is the true measure that separates greatness from mediocrity and determines who will be the champion and who will fall short. Champions are not always the winner of the final match, but their effort and commitment to themselves and to their teammates is the ultimate prize.

Our Focus

To build strong, competitive teams.

To develop a Win-Win environment for everyone associated with our organization.

To provide each athlete with the technical, tactical & physical training to reach their highest possible potential as a volleyball player.

We work hard to provide the most cost-effective program for our members families.  We want our athletes to have a positive club volleyball experience.

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